In this digital & technological era, it is absolutely essential that you upgrade content so your optimal client can discover it. Offer your customer something of significant worth because the information you create as a guide to them is significant. Website visitors should be served up with a range of content in a structured way, for example, blogs, testimonials, videos, social media, infographics etc. By offering an incentive along these lines, you are not just attracting a potential customer, you start to increase your brand reputation. Also, producing content at each stage of the buyer’s journey is very critical to keep potential customers engaged with your brand.

Why is content marketing important?

Content increases your brand value. The more you help your audience, the more your brand image will increase your reputation of being a pioneer in your field. With great brand value, you’re more likely to draw potential buyers to your brand, and thereby better your sales.

Here is an illustration of the content marketing funnel that explains the same.

Marketing Content Funnel

1. Creation of Content marketing strategy

Composing proper content strategy can seem overwhelming. What information should be added? What amount of details are you showcasing to your audience? Etc. Beginning with a structured framework can assist with conceptualizing all the ground you have to cover—and it is a good place to start. Businesses normally utilize content marketing to accomplish one of these gainful outcomes: increased income, lower expenses, or better client satisfaction. Below are some of the key considerations while designing your content marketing plan.

                  a. Know your ideal customer type

                  b. Produce the right content for your customer

                  c. Showcase your content effectively to your customer


 2. Audience Type

You need to produce the content that will resonate your audience type. Are you an insurance provider that wants to inform individuals about there upcoming life insurance plans? Then the content should be added in a manner where your audience will see an added benefit by opting for this insurance type against others available in the market. Always attempt to be relatable and use narrating to express what is on your mind and make it intriguing to peruse.


3. Blogging

Blogs are one of the most critical marketing tactics used these days. Through organized and consistent blog creation and scheduling based on topics that resonate with your audience group, you can start a conversation with and keep your audience engaged.


4. SEO

With SEO, you can tweak your content based on your audience types whenever it is necessary to rank your content on the 1st page of their search. The main objective of a web crawler is to furnish you with the most pertinent data conceivable to whatever information, question, or inquiry you type in. A web index robot will crawl your site, surfing each page, each picture, each word, and link, to make sense of where you have a place in the online world.


5. Automation

Automation is one of the most efficient and incredible assets you can own, when utilized accurately. You define a progression of steps to occur in succession after an activity happens. For instance, when somebody signs up to your email list/newsletter/receive updates through “sign up” button. It is likely that your prospective customers are not very aware of your business or products and services that you are offering. This will be your potential go-to strategy to send them more and valuable information about your products offerings to build brand awareness.

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